Who we are

GKE is all about
“Experiential storytelling”

GKE is a true ‘Experential Storyteller”. We create stimulating and compelling experiences for the audience, and recount inspiring tales filled with in-depth information and diverse and intriguing content.

GKE Company Limited is a subsidiary of Pico (Thailand) Public Company Limited, as part of the Pico Group, with network spanning across the globe. Our team consists of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in various fields. Apart from museum business, GKE has expanded its capability of storytelling in other industries, including tourism. Our works cover creating experiences for visitor centers, and various forms of entertainment for retail business, all of which can attract and ignite customers’ interest.

What we do

• Content research • Storyline • Experience creation

Our research is both insightful and wide-ranging, to fully comprehend the core and importance of each content and topic. We collect relating details, draw inspiration from intriguing stories for the audience. We connect the dots and create a storyline where the audience can journey together with us. Art and science are combined to curate an experience and story to convey the intended message.

Our service includes content research, develop concept idea, interpret, design, install and after-sales service.