Who we are

GKE is all about “Experience Storytelling”.

GKE is all about “Experience Storytelling”. At GKE, we create experiences, stimulating all sense of the audience, to tell stories and inspire. With our stories, we embed content knowledge full of excitement, variety, and depth.

The company is a subsidiary of Pico (Thailand) and part of the Pico worldwide group. It was spun-off from a Pico unit specialized in museums and visitor centers. For more than 20 years of experience, we have developed capabilities to apply experiential storytelling to other businesses and attractions such corporate visitor centers, retail entertainment, which inspire and attract customers.

What we do

• Content research • Storyline • Experience creation


We research with depth and width to get into the core of the content to understand the essence of the subject, to gather all details and relevance, and pick up content that would excite, and inspire. We create a storyline to connect the content together, and take the audience through a journey. We utilize arts and technology to create experiences that deliver stories for the intended content and message.

The company provides comprehensive services from research, conceptualization, interpretation, design, and fabrication.