Mae Moh Mine Museum

Is a coal power plant necessary for Thailand’s electricity production? What is ‘clean coal’ technology?
Find out at Mae Moh Mine Museum, located in the largest coal power plant in Thailand.

Communication method

The exhibition creates an experience for visitors through mixed media, building surrounding atmosphere with replicas, and multimedia, which include interactive screens, a panoramic theater, a 4D theater. Personal devices are utilized to build the learning process, connecting the real-life location of the mine with surrounding power plants. The formation of coal is recreated using mapping projection technique. The production of electricity from coal is projected in the 4D theater. Transparency screen is used to display the operation of renewable energy plant. Mapping projection also shows information on clean coal technology.


Mae Moh Mine Museum, Mae Moh Mine, Lampang

Scope of work

Developing content, exhibition design, communication method and fabricating the exhibition

Year of completion